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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If the Cap Fits by Vikki Rimmer - BUY HERE

A modern-day love story of two under-prepared parents-to-be who put the baby before the bath-water and realise, as the epidural kicks in, that they’ll be together forever. No bootie knitting patterns or smug-pregnancy tales included just honest bouts of vomiting, fear, mad midwives and bumpy sex.

Delivered in the traditional 'weekly' style of a pregnancy manual, the book offers an alternative view of pregnancy.

When Margaret woke up in the asylum she had no recollection of having given birth to her son John. She no longer remembered her husband or her little girl. She did not know how she'd ended up incarcerated, all she knew was she wanted to find herself and go home. 

I KNOW WHO I AM details Margaret's post natal journey back to health after suffering the trauma of losing her memory following the birth of her son. 

Margaret's story describes what it was like to be treated for mental health issues in early 1970s Britain. It is heartwarming, shocking and amusing tale with a love story at it's heart.

I Know Who I am by Margaret Rimmer - BUY HERE

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Pregnancy Books fit for the (future) Queen

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thanks to morning sickness and dehydration Kate and Will's big secret is out, and the world and his wife is camping it up outside a hospital in Marylebone. The most famous mother-to-be on the globe faces an extraordinary 9 months ahead with the world's media following her every move, and so I thought it only right and proper to blatantly plug my book and Natasha Desborough's. 1. Staying healthy It’s essential to stay ahead of the game and be able to out-run every Mummy bore who wants to regale you with their birthing tale. However, if Kate gets cornered she can rely on Marie Mongan’s breathing exercises to keep her calm. “Hypnobirthing: The Breakthrough to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Childbirth” by Marie Mongan (£14.99) 2. Keeping it real And although Kate has an army of friends and helpers, not all of them will know the answers to questions such as; "why on earth have the maternity police sewn knickers into denim trousers and called them 'maternity jeans'?" or "If I chose the birthing pool, do I have to worry about floaters?" If The Cap Fits: A Pregnancy Tale by Vikki Rimmer, Published to Kindle (£0.77)(yes - that's me!) is an irreverent guide to the 9 months ahead. Does not contain bootie knitting patterns or smug-pregnancy tales, just honest bouts of vomiting, fear, mad midwives and bumpy sex. 3.Expectation management When the world and his wife, and a Queen or two is watching, it’s important to know what to expect. Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel’s ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting (4th Edition)” (£16.99) will give Kate the head’s up before the head shows. 4. Choices "Egbert?” A fine name for a future king!" “How to choose the best name for your baby” by Holly Ivins (£5.99) should help fuel, what will become a national debate. 5. Due Date There may be nanny's on hand, and even a flying Grandma or two, but this tomb will also be a bonus in the first few months when sleep deprivation sets in and it’s hard to decipher the royal behind from the royal elbow. “Your Baby Week by Week: the Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your New Baby” by Simone Cave (£12.99) And finally….. When the dust has settled and half the press pack are off chasing Cheryl again, Kate and Will’s will need the help of an expert to guide them through the first few years. “Parental Advisory Manual” by Natasha Desborough (£9.99) draws on the experiences and confessions of real life mums and dads and uncovers the truth about life with children, what other mothers actually mean and even provides substitute willy names and the top 5 places little boys have put their willies…..

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VIDEO: Man walks length of Amazon in two years

Friday, August 13, 2010

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Worldwide interest in Ed Stafford

Friday, July 30, 2010

Press Contact's client Ed Stafford is being followed every day by CNN's 'One World' show in 240 territories worldwide. His story has been picked up in the Portugese press, Slovenian press, Turkish press, in the French press and Brazilian press today. Yesterday we heard from a Swiss journalist and were approached by another independent tv production company.

Stephen Fry Twittered about Ed as did the world-record holding cyclist Mark Beaumont.

Ed has 11 days to go......we wonder what's next?

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CNN follow Walking The Amazon daily

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNN have committed to following Ed and Cho's final 13 days in the jungle as Ed bids to become the first man in history to walk the length of the Amazon River

Video links below:

British man continues Amazon walk updated 9 hours, 19 minutes ago
British explorer Ed Stafford shares video from his journey of walking the Amazon. Walking the Amazon updated 1 day ago
British adventurer Ed Stafford takes viewers along on his walk through the Amazon.

Walking with the 'Amazon man' updated 1 day ago
British adventurer Ed Stafford shares the medical issues he encounters while walking the Amazon.

From source to sea: An Amazonian walk on the wild side updated July 26, 2010
I wake up with the light, just before 6 a.m., and reach for my vitamin pills hanging above my hammock. I get out of bed and peer through the gloom to see if Cho is up yet and has started the fire. If so, I will probably go to the river and check the fishing net to see if we have a catch. Explorer nears end of Amazon quest updated July 24, 2010

British explorer Ed Stafford talks to CNN's Fionnuala Sweeney as he nears the end of his epic quest to walk the Amazon.


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Ed Stafford in The Sun

Ben Jackson, Environment Editor for The Sun covered Ed Stafford' Jungle expedition on 16th July 2010.

Ben's double page spread and web coverage brought awareness to the project and helped raise Ed's profile.

Ben's piece:

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Ed Stafford on ABC again: Good Morning America/Weekend

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ed's Amazon story on ABC TV

Full story here:

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The Spelling Society debate with the Queen's English Society

The Spelling Society were asked to participate in a debate with the Queen's English Society in the hallowed pages of The Times yesterday. The central question being; do we need an Academy to look after the English language? France has the Academie Francaise, do we need an Academy of English to uphold the apostrophe's rightful place?

Jack Bovill, the Chair of the Society, appeared on BBC News to debate with the Queen's English Society's Chair Rhea Williams. Jack also appeared on World Service later in the day.

Jack Bovill from the Spelling Society, which calls for improving literacy standards in Britain, told The Times; 'while it's true that “23 percent of children emerge from school as functionally illiterate”, the proposed Academy of English runs the risk of becoming redundant if it refuses to adapt to modern changes and clings to the English of old.'

He said: “The creation of an academy will probably run the same risk as the French equivalent, whose authorities realised that French could die out if it didn't adapt. The Académie Française recently published 6,000 variant spellings. Language has to adapt to survive. The question is, do you do it deliberately or leave it to chance? While the QES may value what is around today, does it value what was around 100 years ago? It is very well meaning but caught in a bind.'

The story was picked up by the Hindustan Times in Indai, by the Agrentinian press and by Fortean Times.

The Spelling Society's press is managed by

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Walking The Amazon on ABC times 3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ed Stafford's amazing bid to become the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River has been profiled three times on ABC. He appeared first thing in the morning on Friday 21st May as Bill Weir's 'inspiration'.
The 6 minute film showed Ed's expedition to date and introduced Bill Weir and his intrepid producer/cameraman Bartley Price to the jungle for real.

Ed then apeared in the evening on the Diane Sawyer Show and again on Nightline later that evening.

Ed's story also got a big mention in Bill Weir's Reporter's Notebook on the ABC website.

The coverage garnered has brought Ed's expedition to the wider public in the US.


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